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Eau Claire Cherry Festival Art & Craft - Flea Market Show

Eau Claire Cherry Festival

ART & CRAFT – Flea Market


Calling for: Artisans, Crafters, Antiques, Collectibles, Sales Vendors, Salesman and Women.


The Eau Claire Cherry Festival Committee of Volunteers are sponsoring the 1st Annual Art & Crafts – Flea Market Show Fundraiser on Sunday May 15th 2016 10am-4pm.  Location is at the SAC (Student Activity Center) building on the Main Street of Eau Claire.  Set up times Saturday May 14th  6pm-8pm and Morning of Show May 15th 8am-10am.  Must be set up by 10am Show Official Opening time.  No packing up or leaving until 4pm.(respect for everyone with this rule)


Please complete the registration form below with fee as soon as possible.  Vendors will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. (note: due to possible repeat sales vendors for Avon, Tupperware, etc. – only first sales representative to sign up will be excepted- sorry for the inconvenience)  If by chance your application can not be accepted you will have your fee’s returned promptly.  Confirmation of acceptance of your application and fee will be emailed or if no email given - notified by phone.  Feel free to call ahead to see if a vendor is already signed up.  Celena 269-782-0289 or email celenaracheal@yahoo. com   


No baked goods or ready to eat food items to be sold, Cherry Festival will be having a Bake Sale and The Lunch Box Food Truck will be available for food and beverages. 


All proceeds will go directly to the Eau Claire Cherry Festival Fund.  The price is $20 a table.  You will be supplied one banquet table and 2 chairs for the event.  The table will already be set up all you need to bring is a table cover and your goods for sale. The table set up will be close, but comfortable inside the gym.  We will also offer outside space if you would be interested, but you would need to bring your own tables, canopy tent, etc. and be pre-pared for weather conditions.  “The Lunch Box Food Truck” will be outside.  Outside options are also $20 for 10x10 maximum canopy size spot. 


No refunds given due to weather, change of heart, or you just can’t make it.  This is an open free to public event.  We will be advertising and spreading the news via social media, please also spread the news to your followers.  This is the 1st Show, however we feel very strongly we can come together and make a great day for us all. 


Eau Claire Cherry Festival Art & Craft – Flea Market Show

Sunday MAY 15th  10am-4pm

Set Up Times: May 14th Sat. 6pm-8pm or Morning of May 15th 8am-10am

Tables provided with 2 chairs $20 each table spot


  • Complete the bottom form and include check payable to Eau Claire Cherry Festival

  • Mail to:  Celena Cantrell  7110 Brush Lake Road, Eau Claire, MI. 49111

  • Space fees not refundable – confirmation will be provided


Questions or Concerns: Celena Cantrell celenaracheal@yahoo.com  269-782-0289

Social Media: Facebook.com/EauClaireCherryFestival



2016 Eau Claire Cherry Festival Art & Craft – Flea Market Show




Business Name/Company_____________________________________________






What you will be selling – mark below:

Handmade______ Vendor Products________ Flea Market Items______________


List some items please, so we can advertise: ______________________________






Inside Tables_______x$20 each – or - OUTSIDE spot_______x$20 each =TOTAL$______

As a vendor of this show you agree to hold harmless & indemnify the Eau Claire Public Schools and Eau Claire Cherry Festival and its volunteers of theft, accident, acts of violence injury to yourself, your employees and property and further you accept responsibility for any liability arising from acts of lack thereof by yourself, your helpers, guests, or associates.  Vendors are solely responsible for any acts or consequences associated with their participation with the show.  The Eau Claire Cherry Festival reserves the right to remove any vendor who fails to comply with any of the rules. 

I agree: (by signing here)_______________________________________________________

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